leftover egg whites

What Should We Do with Leftover Egg Whites?

What should we do with leftover egg whites?   What do you do with them? Do you throw them out, freeze them or try to salvage what you can? I vouch for the last option. I don’t know why but I never tried to freeze leftover egg whites. According to the experts it’s safe solution but they didn’t […]

picky eaters kid

Five Meals for Picky Eaters

How to convince your kids to eat veggies? Here are five meals for picky eaters.   One of the hardest things about being a parent is trying to figure out what to cook for the ones you love. Kids are extremely picky eaters and the majority of them don’t like eating vegetables. There are different ways […]

warning baby on board

Warning! Baby on Board!

Warning! Baby on Board!     I’ve seen stickers saying ’Warning! Baby on Board!’ countless times on car windows. These obviously aren’t referring to what first springs to my mind upon seeing it: namely that travelling with a baby is even more adventurous than with an adolescent child. I’ll never forget the first time we took our […]

nyuszi briós húsvétra

Easter Bunny Brioche

A perfect dessert for Easter: Bunny Brioche.   How do we serve rabbit on the table? In the form of brioches… or, rather, the otherway around: brioches in the form of a rabbit. I’m neither a gastroblogger, nor a kitchen fairy, but sometimes the desire to experiment in my cooking sparks up in me. At times […]

kertészkedés gyerekkkel

How To Gardening With Kids

There is no better outdoors game than a bit of gardening with the kid(s).   Spring is undeniably here. Which means that out balcony can at last shed its winter facade and burst into bloom (that is, if I wasn’t the one owning it, but let’s not rush forward just yet). Given are seven square meters, five children […]