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Feng Shui Your Home in 5 Easy Steps

How to feng shui your home in 5 easy steps?   Feng shui is the art of harmonizing the primary metaphysical elements (Fire, Water, Wood, Metal, Earth) with the environment to balance the energy (chi) surrounding us. The homes with the right feng shui can have a positive influence on our health, relationships wealth and prosperity. More and []

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Small or Large Age Difference?

What is better: small or large age difference?   We never consciously decided on the age differences between our children, in the case of our first three children we couldn’t have controlled the process even if we wanted to, considering the fact that they were concieved via medical intervention. There’s no room for planning in a situation like []

birthday invitation card

Easy-to-make Birthday Invitation Card

What’s a good invitation card like? Explosive! Literally…   Before I show you what makes a really explosive yet easy-to-make invitation card, let me tell you about my relationship to parties. There are few things that make my heart beat faster and more irregularly than the word ’party’, should we be hosts or guests. The latter option is obviously []