costs of pregnancy

The Unexpected Costs of Pregnancy

A pregnancy, before you’re even are able to hold the baby, can cost north of $20,000 if you have no insurance. But that’s not it. On top of giving birth at the hospital, there are many other costs soon-to-be moms often don’t think about: Cost #1 Maternity clothes Unfortunately, as your waistline grows during your []

math monster game

Let’s Play: Math Monster Game

The only way for children to polish their arithmetic skills is to practice their math facts. However, doing simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills can bore even the most motivated child! Here comes the Math Monster to save the day; this fun math game will spark your child’s interest by challenging him to guess mystery []

using trampolines

4 Safety Measures for Using Trampolines

What are the most important safety measures for using trampolines?   Trampolines have emerged as a lucrative element for sheer happiness irrespective of one’s age. People from all over the world are using this even today for improving their athletic skills, regaining their shape or just for simple entertainment. Although this is one super fun []