megunhatatlan clafoutis

(Olvasd magyarul) Te&én a konyhában: mákos clafoutis, a megunhatatlan desszert

Dessert Author: momwithfive Francia tejes pite meggyel és mákkal Ingredients 4 tojás 200 g tej 100 g habtejszín 70 g liszt 2 ek darálatlan mák 65 g (nád)cukor vagy 16 g 1:4-es eritritol és stevia alapú cukorhelyettesítő vanília kivonat vagy őrölt vanília kb. 1 üveg meggybefőtt lecsepegtetve Instructions Habosítsuk ki a tojást kézi habverővel, majd []

tortilla chips

Homemade Tortilla Chips

How can we make a family cinema night unforgettable? Make some home made tortilla chips!   The family cinema nights have been a part of our lives since we have children. We mostly cozy up in the living room for the experience, but occasionally situations come around, when we need to turn on the television []

mákos-sós keksz

Poppy Seed-Salt Snack

No family cinema without something to snack on: the salty-poppy seed cookie is an absolute favourite.   We watch television only occasionally… better said, we never watch it. We rather record the movies we like, so that later we can watch them anytime and anyway we want, so it’s the most comfortable for us. Let []