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What Makes Motherhood So Hard?

What makes motherhood so hard? The dark days. Dark days? What am I even talking about? Where is motherhood’s  unicorn-like, full-of-rainbows (un)reality? Well, right there. In unreality. I am tired. I am enervate. I am sad. I am irritated. I rage. I scream. I swear. I am empty. But as a mother, I can’t do []

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Are superheroes dangerous?

Are superheroes dangerous? To the world? That depends on which side they are. And to my children? I had quite strong principles throughout my whole life, even though they might have seemed too conservative or harsh… The situation was the same concerning my thoughts towards raising children as well. Then my children were born, and []

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Tips to Discipline Children at Home

Every parent wants a positive method to discipline their children and make them behave better. Every parent wants their children to be obedient. Although most parents love their children, positive discipline is required to keep children behave well. However, not all disciplines run smoothly and lead to the good results. Sometimes they may end up []

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5 Family Gifts You Can Make on the Cheap

What are the best family gifts you can make on the cheap? Gifts are expensive. When you have a few kids, Christmas and other gift-giving holidays become a nightmare. Even with proper family financial planning, you’ll find yourself stuck buying gifts for everyone and their mother (no, really, their mom will expect something, too). Do []